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What Does A Shower Faucet Mean

Nov 19,2023 | Kitchen, Bathroom, Bathtub, Shower Faucet - Wovier

All bathroom faucets are connected to the household water supply, serving kitchen faucets, clothes-washing fixtures, and outdoor water faucets if possible. A shower faucet is typically one of several bathroom faucets, separate from the sink and faucets in its plumbing setup.

In general, when we refer to a "shower faucet," we usually include all components: knobs, levers, buttons, drain apparatus, shower heads, and tub spouts found in the bathtub/shower. In reality, in a tub-and-shower arrangement, the tub spout is considered the faucet, and in a dedicated shower stall, it is the shower head.

Normally, shower faucets are installed over the head of a person of average height, at the upper end of the shower area. This installation allows water from the faucet to inundate the body, using gravity to direct water from the head downward. However, these shower faucets can detach from the fixture or be hand-held to direct water wherever desired.

There are various styles, sizes, and types of shower faucets. Standard faucets are usually around three inches (7.62 cm) in diameter and fixed to the wall. Other types include handheld faucets, extra-wide faucets, rain-shower faucets simulating a soothing rain shower, and multiple faucets for a wider water inundation area.

The choice of faucet arrangement in the shower depends on personal preference for the desired shower experience and the cost of installation or replacement. Installing or replacing shower faucets is typically straightforward. The expense is usually determined by the homeowner's preferred faucet type—ranging from the more economical three-inch diameter (7.62 cm) faucet to the pricier handheld, rain-shower, or high-end multiple-head faucets.

There is much discussion about the chlorine added as a disinfectant in municipal water supplies. Installing a filter for the shower can counteract the harmful physical effects of chlorine, which seems like a good idea. These effective water filters are most easily installed at the shower faucet and have been proven to eliminate chlorine, as well as other toxins, expelling them from the faucet.