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What Are the Most Common Plumbing Problems

Nov 17,2023 | Kitchen, Bathroom, Bathtub, Shower Faucet - Wovier

The most common plumbing issues involve drips, leaks, and clogs. Dripping faucets, leaking pipes, and blocked toilets or sinks can occur in any home. It's essential to address these problems promptly, as they may worsen over time. Calling an emergency plumber can be costly.

If a dripping faucet is neglected, water may continuously run, especially if it's the hot water faucet, resulting in increased heating costs. Immediate fixing is usually simple, often involving replacing a worn-out washer inside the faucet. Worn-out washers in sink fittings allow water to seep through, causing drips or leaks.

A common challenge is that homeowners may not know what type of washer to buy until a leak occurs. Since various sink washers exist, the best way to find a suitable replacement is to remove the old one and bring it to a plumbing supply store. Common sink washer types include ball spring, modular, cartridge, and stem/washer/seat combinations.

Apart from faucet spout drips, another issue is leaks from the base of handles, often requiring replacement of the faucet's metal nuts or rubber O-ring. Lubricating sink parts with petroleum jelly may extend their lifespan. Pipe leaks, especially at joints, can often be fixed by tightening pipes, while new sealant or a gasket may be needed elsewhere.

Blocked toilets are a prevalent plumbing problem. Keeping a plunger handy is advisable, as overflowing toilets can damage floors. If plunging doesn't resolve the clog, calling a plumber may be necessary. Sink and shower drain clogs, often caused by hair buildup, should be periodically cleared to prevent blockages.